Navy Divers

In this observational series we had unparalleled access to Navy Divers and Clearance diver trainees as they embark on the biggest challenge of their lives. If you can pass clearance diver training you are about to become part of one of the defence’s most specialised and highly regarded disciplines. Fail and your entire naval career could be over. This exciting new four part series follows a group of tough navy recruits training to become the navy's elite "Clearance Divers". Thirty or so applicants face around the clock diving, ruthless fitness sessions, debilitating sleep deprivation tests and endless swimming and diving assessments in a bid to make the course. From a brutal initial weeding out period, appropriately named "Hell Week", to the end of their year long training, the series follows the group as one by one each contender either makes the grade or quits the team.

In the last stages of training, the surviving candidates travel to Queensland where the remaining squad members complete their final explosives training at a bush camp on Triangular Island. Enduring very basic conditions, they handle and detonate tons of heavy duty military explosives with the additional burden of endless mud and biting insects, which helps keep up the pressure during the last phase of the course. Arming 500lb bombs while diving in near zero visibility is just one of the challenges, made even more demanding with us filming their every move.

Posted in Underwater Documentary.