August Watershed

August Watershed is an historical musical which tells the story of the first month of the First World War, August 1914.

For the series historically accurate costumes were hand made for the more than 60 actors that played a part in the filming. During the three week shoot Malcolm Ludgate ACS engaged more than 15 film students on the production to help them gain on set experience. Several Adelaide locations were selected to portray Europe in 1914 which looked remarkably accurate when set dressed for the period.   In some sequences  a wall map shows the movement of German, French, British and Belgian troops in Western Europe during August 1914. The map shows the position and direction of movement by the German troops during the Schlieffen plan, the ambitions of the French Plan 17, and the meeting between the French and British commanders at Melun on 5 September 1914.


A remarkable film, written by Brian Savvas and directed by Rick Cavaggion of Light Image Productions is quite unusual as most of the script in this unique production is sung.

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